Campaign statuses

If you see one of the following statuses appear on one of your campaigns, you will need to take some steps to finalise the campaign and make sure it gets sent out. Here’s how:

Waiting for Payment Initiation:

Waiting for Payment initiation means that in order for the campaign to be processed, we need to take a payment.

With the updated platform, we have changed the way we take payments, more info on this can be found here. Essentially, you can either set up a subscription whereby you estimate how many notes you will send in a month and pay monthly, or you can pay for each campaign as and when you send them. Once a payment is set up, you will be ready to go.

Waiting for Payment

Waiting for payment means that the payment is processing, you should not have to do anything if this is the case. Occasionally, payments can take up to an hour to reach us. So sit tight and your campaign should be on the move shortly. If this is not the case, please get in touch with one of the team and we will look into it for you!

Waiting for More Credits

If this status appears, it means you have run out of credits, to get your campaigns moving, please get in touch with one of the team and we can either supply you with more credits, or we can start your next months subscription early.

Waiting for Printer Setup

For On-Demand customers, this message is pretty straightforward. It just means we are waiting for your printer to be set up, once this is done, you can get printing! If the status remains the same after your printer set up, get in touch with the team and we can help!

Waiting for Recipients

For an integrated campaign, you may see this message if no recipients have been added yet. Once your integration sends us a recipient, this message should change.

If you have any questions about this or if the status persists after taking these steps, get in touch with one of the team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help out!