How can I customise the handwriting itself?

How can I customise the handwriting itself?

Whilst a lot of companies will offer customisable notes, the real niche for Scribeless is our handwriting! Scribeless' unique AI solution makes sure that no two characters, words or letters are identical, just as if written by a human! There are plenty of ways you can customise the handwriting of your notes.

We currently have five default styles to choose from: Stafford, Tremblay, Foster, George and Nightingale. Stafford tends to be very popular, but all styles have their own merits! Other ways you can change your handwriting include adjusting the size, alignment, and colour of your text.

Can Scribeless learn my own handwriting?

Yes, we can! Please contact one of our team to initiate the conversation about learning your or your colleague's handwriting style so we can give you all the information you need.

Does the handwriting look realistic?

Yes, it does! Our AI solution creates handwriting that is indistinguishable from the real thing. We've had fantastic feedback from our customer's recipients, but if you aren't convinced, why not try ordering a free sample so you can see it for yourself?

Do you offer any different colours?

Black and Blue are the only colours we offer, and as our notes are printed rather than using pens, we cannot replace on request.