Step 1: Installing our Shopify App

Install our Shopify app to your store here.

Step 2: Adding A Gift Card Product

Add a product for your gift card. This will be added to your customers' cart when they generate the note.

  1. Go to the Products section
  2. Click 'Add Product' in the top right
  3. Choose an appropriate name such as "Gift card". You're welcome to choose any name you like though
  4. Choose an appropriate price that you'd like to add on to your customer's total to pay for the gift card. This can, of course, be 0 if you would not like to charge at all
  5. image

Step 3: Recording the ID of your Product

Now we need to know what product you've created. To do this we'll have to record the variant ID of the product.

  1. On the edit Product page, add .xml to the end of the URL. An XML file such as the one at the bottom of the page should appear
  2. image

  3. Copy the Variant ID from the file. You'll need it later!
  4. image

Step 4: Generate Your Widget Script

This step is just to make your life easier. Instead of copying the script from our main drop-in stationery editor

page and having to customise the code yourself, there's a tool in the Shopify App which generates all the code perfectly for you.

  1. Go to the Scribeless Shopify App
  2. image

  3. Click on the 'Gift Notes' section in the left navbar
  4. image

  5. Fill out your API key. Instructions on how to find your API key are in the dropdown on the
  6. Fill out your Production details. Be sure to select 'Testing' to start with. Find out more about fulfilment in
    Full Service
    On Demand
  7. Choose how your customers can customise their notes
  8. Choose the colours of the widget
  9. image

  10. Click generate widget
  11. image

  12. Keep this code handy. It'll come in useful in the next step

You're done with this stage of the setup! Next, you need to put the code in the right places in your Shopify Store. You can find the steps to do that on the