The Scribeless platform dashboard.
The Scribeless platform dashboard.

The Scribeless platform is where you'll be taken when you log into your account. From here you can:

  • Create or Edit Campaigns
  • Upload Audiences
  • Check on the Status of your Campaigns
  • View your Stationery
  • Check your Account Settings and Billing Information
  • Keep track of your integrations

Whilst the layout is easy to get to grips with, here are some guides to the most common uses of the Scribeless platform, as well as some FAQs:

How to Create a Campaign
Campaign Statuses
Testing Mode

How do I edit a campaign?

Editing a campaign you've already created is easy - just login to the platform and visit your campaigns. When you are viewing the campaign, click the pencil in the corner of the preview to edit the campaign. You can change the copy, layout or design of the stationery. Once you've saved your campaign, it should be good to go. You'll know your campaign is re-rendering when the status of your note changes from 'Ready' to 'AI Writing.'

How can I add recipients to my campaign?

To manually add recipients to your campaign, head to your account and click Campaigns on the left hand sidebar. Select the campaign you want to add your recipients to, and click the purple 'Add Recipients' button. You'll then be taken to a table, where you can add your recipient data in the same way you would have whilst creating your campaign first time round.

To learn more about adding recipients via integrations, check out the documentation for the following:


Note: you cannot add recipients to a Ship to Me Full Service campaign, as they are sent all at once in one bulk order.

How can I make sure my campaign is fine before it goes out?

You'll be shown a preview of your note before you finish your campaign. Once it's finished, you can check the individual note previews by hovering over 'Letter' and 'Envelope' to see what each individual letter and envelope will look like. You can access your campaigns from your account dashboard.