The are three different ways to add recipients to a campaign.

1. Paste Spreadsheet

You can add a spreadsheet of the recipients directly to the campaign.

2. Connect an Audience

You can create an audience and have recipients added to the campaign whenever the audience is updated. Learn about audiences.

3. Integration or API

You can integrate with one of our integrations to automatically add recipients. Select this option and you can create the campaign and add recipients later.

You can also delay when to add recipients:

Required fields

If your campaign includes an envelope we require: Last name, Address line 1, City, Postal code / ZIP, and Country. If you are delivering to the US we also require the two letter state code.

If you also include the department, company, or address line 2 or 3 these will be included in the address but are not required. Otherwise they will be blank.


The country field needs to be the ISO country name e.g. for the US please use United States. For the UK please use United Kingdom. Other values may cause an error.

Please ensure if the country is the US that the state is the two letter state name e.g. Texas = TX.

We don't currently support all foreign characters. Only European based languages are accepted.

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