Zapier is a platform which connects other platforms together. Scribeless use Zapier to talk to Amazon Seller Central so you can automatically send handwritten notes to your amazon customers.

If you need a hand to connect your app, please contact our support and we can help you with this.

  1. Make a handwritten campaign for this integration
  2. Login or Signup for a Zapier account
  3. Currently you need a premium account to use Amazon Seller Central via Zapier, please upgrade to the $20 / month plan here
  4. Follow out guide to setup Scribeless and Zapier
  5. Select Start using Scribeless now
  6. Select Make a Zap in the top right of the screen
  7. In the Choose a Trigger App section search for Amazon Seller Central
  8. Walk through the steps and login to your amazon seller central account
  9. Once you reach the Choose an Action App section search for Scribeless
  10. Walk through the steps and select Add recipient to campaign action
  11. From the campaign id drop down select the campaign title you made earlier
  12. Now enable your ZAP to start sending letters
  13. Learn how to test your campaign

If you accidentally send a note or two, don't worry! Send our support team an email and we will remove it from your account so you don't get charged.

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