One way you can upload your recipient data is by creating an audience. Audiences are stored separately from your campaigns, and can be selected over and over again, so you can re-target the same audiences with new campaigns!

You can find the Audience button on the left hand side of the platform, on the dashboard. Clicking the Audience button will give you an option to Create an Audience.

Once you've named your audience - make sure it's something specific so you know which one is which when you come to reuse them - it's time to import your audience. You can use the import manager to import 1000s of contacts into the Scribeless system. We use CSV files to do this.

  1. Download the spreadsheet

  2. Open in spreadsheet software of your choice

  3. Add your recipient details under the columns provided

  4. Once you are done export as a CSV file

  5. Click the Start import button and upload the file

Once you've created an audience, you can implement it in Step 3 when creating a campaign on the platform

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