Creating your Integration:

  1. Create a Campaign - you must do this first!

  2. Click Integrations

  3. Click Connect to HubSpot

  4. Click Automations, then click Workflows

  5. Create a Start from scratch, Contact-based workflow

  6. Choose your enrolment trigger(s)

  7. Click the plus button in your workflow, scroll down and select Scribeless

  8. Choose the correct campaign ID, and select up to 2 custom variables to pull from the campaign

  9. Once you're happy, hit save!

Testing your Integration:

  1. Select your campaign in the Scribeless platform and click 'Enable Testing'

  2. Return to your workflow, click Review, and enable your workflow

  3. Manually enrol one of your contacts in the workflow

  4. Your contact should appear in the workflow (this may take a minute!)

  5. Once it's working, you can then click 'Disable Testing'. You won't be charged for any recipient with an yellow background

The contact didn't appear?

If a contact couldn't be added to a campaign you will get an email 15 minutes after trying to add it telling you why. Often it is because the contact doesn't have all the required fields for the campaign. A contact needs: First and last name, Street address, Postcode, State, and Country. Note that the US state must be the two-letter abbreviation rather than the whole word.

Still having issues? We'd be happy to look into it for you - get int touch with one of our support team and let them know more about your issue.

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