Customer Journey

In our main use case, when the customer gets to their Shopping Cart, they'll be greeted with a dropdown which reveals the drop-in stationery editor. They then customise their note and click the 'Generate Note' button which sends the format of the note off to Scribeless and refreshes the page to insert a gift note product into their basket.

Once they have completed checkout, their shipping address is noted. When the order is fulfilled by you, the shipping address is sent off to Scribeless and the note is sent either to our printhouse or for you to print and slip in the box.


The Shopify drop-in stationery editor can be setup in three steps.

First, you need to do a couple of things to prepare your store so we can interact with it.


Next, you need to put the code in the right places in your Shopify Store.


After this, it's good to run through and make sure everything works.


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