You can connect with:

  • Amazon Seller Central - automatically send notes to customers when an order is placed

  • Salesforce - send notes without leaving the platform

  • Thousands more, including ActiveCampaign, PipeDrive, Copper and WooCommerce

Creating your Integration:

  1. Create your Zap

  2. Find a trigger you'd like to use

  3. Fill in all the criteria

  4. Click 'Test trigger', then press OK

  5. You can add in filters and other Zapier actions in between these steps if you'd like

  6. Next, add the Scribeless app, and select the 'Add Recipients' option

  7. Log in to your Scribeless account with your details and then hit Continue

  8. Match up the fields from your trigger to the Add Recipients action. You can also add custom variables at this stage!

  9. Select your campaign, and hit test & continue.

  10. If all is working fine, you can switch on your Zap ready for testing or sending!

Testing the Integration:

  1. Select your campaign in the Scribeless platform and click 'Enable Testing'

  2. Return to your Zap

  3. Turn it on

  4. Create a test order that meets the trigger requirements

  5. Your customer should appear in your campaign recipients (this may take a minute!)

  6. Once it's working, you can then click 'Disable Testing'. You won't be charged for any recipient with a yellow background!

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