How can I customize my note?

There are plenty of ways to customise your handwritten note to make it feel personal to your brand and meaningfully enhance your customer experience. If you hover your cursor in the top right of your note will see these four icons, which can all help you in fully customising your note.

Icon One: Header and Footer

The first of the four icons allows you to add a header and footer to your note, which can be used to add some branding to bear your company's name or logo, or add some extra information you don't want to include in your main body as text, such as contact details, a web address or even an order number. You can add a custom field into a footer by copying it from the main body of text and pasting it in!

Icon Two: Signature

A great way of adding an extra level of personalisation is to add the signature of you or your founder. You can draw the signature into the platform yourself on our signature editor. Alternatively, if you have a signature SVG you want to upload, get in contact with one of our team!

Icon Three: Background Image

If whitespace behind your text isn't exciting enough, you can use the third icon to upload a background design to your notes. Using your company's colour scheme, or usual stationery format can help make your note feel more authentic!

Icon Four: Reverse Side

Another place to include your logo or brandname is on the reverse side of the note. Alternatively, maybe include an extra message or a picture of your product in action. Either way, a customised reverse side can really take your note's appeal to the next level.

You could also include a QR code to provide your customers with access to a digital interface, this can also be a great way of tracking engagement!

How can I customize the handwriting itself?

Whilst a lot of companies will offer customisable notes, the real niche for Scribeless is our handwriting! Scribeless' unique AI solution makes sure that no two characters, words or letters are identical, just as if written by a human! There are plenty of ways you can customise the handwriting of your notes.

We currently have nine default styles to choose from. Stafford tends to be very popular, but all styles have their own merits! Other ways you can change your handwriting include adjusting the size, alignment, and colour of your text.

Can Scribeless learn my own handwriting?

Yes, we can! Please contact one of our team to initiate the conversation about learning your or your colleague's handwriting style so we can give you all the information you need.

Does the handwriting look realistic?

Yes, it does! Our AI solution creates handwriting that is indistinguishable from the real thing. We've had fantastic feedback from our customer's recipients, but if you aren't convinced, why not try ordering a free sample so you can see it for yourself?

Do you offer any different colours?

Black and Blue are the only colours we offer, and as our notes are printed rather than using pens, we cannot replace on request.

How much can I fit on a note?

Due to the variability of our handwriting and the customisability of the note, there is no definitive word limit! We recommend you try creating a note yourself to see how much you can fit in. As you can customise your notes, you have the opportunity to minimise or maximise your space depending on:

Handwriting: You can use different handwriting styles, which are themselves slightly different sizes, and any handwriting style have Small, Medium and Large size options.

Layout: Whether you use a logo at the top of your note, and a footer at the bottom, will affect the amount of space you have available. If you do want to use one or both of these, you can adjust the logo and footer text size, giving you more or less room depending on whether you increase or decrease the size.

Size: This one almost goes without saying, but if you're looking to give yourself some more space for your message, you can increase the size of your stationery from a half-letter to a full-size one.

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