The 'First Name' variable is a merge field that will be replaced by the names you put in the First Name column during Step 3, when you add your recipients.

If you're trying to push through a note and haven't included a 'First Name' variable, you will likely be faced with this error message:

The reason for this is that our production team need to match up the notes to the envelopes - without a first name to distinguish, it's difficult for our team to work out which note is supposed to go with which envelope.

We take our quality checking very seriously, and this allows us to make sure everything note and envelope is paired correctly and all your recipients are getting the right letter.

I don't know my recipients first name. What should I do?

Using the First Name field in conjunction with other fields can make your note still look effective, even if you don't know your recipient's first name.

For example, if you wanted to send to the Smith family, you could use the format of Dear {{{First name}}} {{{Last Name}}} at the beginning of your note, and fill in the First Name field with 'The' and Last Name field with 'Smiths'.

Your note will therefore be able to be submitted and still easily distinguishable for our production team, and both note and envelope will look realistic.

You can, in theory, populate the 'First Name' field however you like, but remember that it will appear the same as it does in your note on the envelope.

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