After you've sourced a printer, you will need to connect it using our free Scribeless Print software. Here's how:

  • Head over to the Scribeless platform and go to settings and head down to the 'On Demand' section

  • Download Scribless Print using one of the links provided

  • Once this has been downloaded and added to your applications, you can access it via the menu bar in the top right of your computer

  • Log in to Scribeless Print using your email associated with your Scribelsss account and the initial password provided in the your settings

  • Go to the Printers tab in Scribless Print and add your printer

  • Go back to the Scribeless platform, in the On Demand section of the settings, click the refresh button next to the printer drop down

  • Add the printer

  • Now you're ready to go!

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