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How long does it take for a campaign to be delivered?

Depending on the destination we aim to deliver the campaign within 10 days from the time it has been ordered.

Production stage

On normal business days, outside of the big celebrations over the year, we require a minimum production time of 4 business days depending on the size and complexity of your order.

Although as we aim to get your campaign shipped a soon as possible, we tend to produce the handwritten campaign in less time than that.

Shipping stage

Shipping is completely dependable on external factors such as the weather, destination or the postal service in every country.

To be able to minify the risk of late arrivals we have set up a production facility in the UK covering the United Kingdom and one in the US covering the rest of the world.

Based on our experience we have noticed the average delivery time is:

Shipping center / Destination US Production Facility UK Production Facility
United Kingdom - 1 - 3 business days
United States 1 - 4 business days -
Canada 6 - 10 business days -
Australia 6 - 10 business days -
New Zealand 6 - 10 business days -
Europe 6 - 10 business days -
South America 6 - 10 business days -
Asia 6 - 10 business days -
Africa 6 - 10 business days -

If you would like to check the scheduled delivery times for your country please use the following generator provided by USP.