The Scribeless pricing model is simple!

For our Full Service solution, the pricing page on our website has a slider which allows you to work out the amount you can expect to be charged for the volume you are sending. The Scribeless pricing model allows you to make savings based on the amount of notes you send. You can scale the slider up and down to see how much you can drive down your price-per-unit.

For our On Demand solution, you can view our subscription costs at the bottom of of our On Demand site, with options to pay either annually or on a month-by-month basis. On of our team will walk you through setting up payment as they set you up with On Demand.

For both Full Service and On Demand, you can view our pricing in USD, GBP and EUR.

The pricing pages linked above should be your go to for all price-related enquiries. If, however, there are still any questions you have about pricing, we'll do our best to answer them for you here.

Full Service Pricing Questions
What does the price the slider gives me include?

The slider quotes you a price that includes the generation and printing of your note. The cost of posting the note is not included - we add First Class stamps at cost price to the notes, and ship them out for you.

To check First Class stamp prices for where you are looking to send your notes, check out the links below:

Therefore, the cost of a note is the price the slider gives you, plus one First Class stamp based on your destination.

Does the price vary based on size of the note?

Nope - our pricing is the same for half-letter/A5, full-letter/A4 and postcard-sized notes! The only difference in pricing occurs if you request notes without envelopes. This can be toggled on the pricing slider, so you can see the pricing for just the notes.


Do you offer discounts for large volumes?

The Scribeless pricing model allows you to make savings based on the amount of notes you send. You can scale the slider up and down to see how much you can drive down your price-per-unit. You are also charged at the end of a 30 day billing period, so you stand more of a chance of hitting a price break! For more information on this, check out our Billing page.

For especially large orders of 3000+, we are sometimes willing to make further concessions on pricing. For more information, contact one of our Sales team.

I have agreed a price with one of the Scribeless team, but the platform doesn't reflect this. What's happened?

If one of our team has agreed a different price-per-unit with you based on you ordering a certain amount of notes, the pricing will update once you reach that amount.

For example, if you are offered a new price-per-unit for 3000 units, you will see our standard pricing until you add your 3000th recipient.

If the pricing still doesn't update, contact one of our team and let us know. You won't be billed for 30 days, but it's better if we get it sorted for you quickly!

Ship-to-Self orders

Why does the price shoot up when I select Ship-to-Self?

When ordering notes to yourself rather than sending them straight to your recipients, we charge for the delivery of the notes to you. By default, the platform will quote you $36 or £30 per 1000 notes.

This is a price to cover the usual long distance orders that require Ship-to-Self, however we are willing to work out a more accurate cost for smaller orders of this kind. Get in touch with one of our Sales team to see if we can work out a fairer price for your smaller order.

Will I be charged twice for two Ship-to-Self orders?

If you order multiple campaigns to the same address and we send them as part of the same batch, we won't charge you twice for these deliveries - let one of our team know so we can make sure you are only charged once.

On Demand Pricing Questions
Our subscription is running low/has run out. What can we do?

First things first, congrats - sounds like business is booming! If you have reached the end of your subscription, contact one of our team - preferably your point of contact who has been running you through On Demand up till this point - and we can start a conversation about upgrading your subscription.