Print Now

Print Now is a print timing option. Selecting the right print timing options help with the On Demand production process. You can read more about these here


What is Print Now?

Print Now is where recipients begin the process automatically after you add them to campaign.

When to use Print Now

Print Now is good to use for when the data can be passed to the campaign at the time that you would like to print the note. For example, if you have a Shopify store and want to print when you have fulfilled an order then you can set to add your recipients on our Shopify order fulfilled trigger and the note will begin the printing process immediately at that point without need for further trigger.

If you'd like to print in bulk and receive the notes in the same order or if you'd like to pass the data for the note from Shopify and then print the note at a later point,

would be best for this.

How to use Print Now

Print Now can be selected in the first stage of campaign creation as seen below.


Once you have created your campaign, you should start adding recipients. Your recipients will start the printing process as soon as they are rendered.