How to integrate with Shopify Flow
How to integrate with Shopify Flow

How to integrate with Shopify Flow

Creating your Integration:

  1. Make sure you have an existing campaign ready!
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click Connect to Shopify
  4. Click Add App, then click Install App
  5. Login with your Scribeless account details
  6. Return to Apps and go to Shopify Flow
  7. Click 'Create Workflow' and select your trigger
  8. Click the 'Add new recipient' action and select Scribeless
  9. Copy across your Campaign ID from the campaign you wish to use, and copy across your API key from your Account Settings
  10. Match up the variables for your campaign with the template variables on the right hand side. You can also add optional custom variables to be used in your campaign, which can pull from any Shopify variable!
  11. When you're done, hit Save and give your workflow a name. Then you're all set!

Testing the Integration:

  1. Select your campaign in the Scribeless platform and click 'Enable Testing'
  2. Return to your Shopify store
  3. Create a new order and mark it as fulfilled
  4. Head back to your campaign and your customer should appear in your campaign recipients (this may take a minute!)
  5. Once it's working, you can then click 'Disable Testing'. You won't be charged for any recipient with an orange background!